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If you dare to dream, and work hard to make the dream come true, it often does. That is the story of Siliguri Rotary Blood Bank. It was way back in 1988/89 during the President ship of Dr. Salil Datta...

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  • We always want to give the best to the people of Siliguri. We request all our well wishers to join hands and help us grow. Register as a Blood Donar and help us serve our society.

  • our mission

  • Our mission statement is "No one shall suffer in Siliguri and neighbouring areas for want of blood." And also to acquire most sophisticated Blood Banking equipments run the Blood Bank.

  • SRBB Camps

  • Organizing blood donation camps is the perfect way to cater to the demand of blood. Everyone wants to contribute towards the society and save lives. SRBB Organises various Camps from time to time.

Blood Donar Information Board
Judi AB+ New York
Archie A+ Silliguri
Denaccony B+ Gyumri
Manas Deshmukh AB+ Siliguri
Denaccony O+ Gyumri
Shuvayu B+ Siliguri
Yrosterwet Smolensk
Mosterwet Samara
Prosterwet Smolensk
Prosterwet Smolensk
Prosterwet Smolensk
Mosterwet Samara
Prosterwet Smolensk
Prosterwet Smolensk
Barneyxcq A- New York
Prosterwet Smolensk
Krysuinny O- Amman
Darrylter B- Linguere
Tarun Duggal B+ Siliguri
Posterwet Samara
Posterwet Samara
Prosterwet Smolensk
Posterwet Samara
BosterEl Moskov
CosterEl Rio-Grande
CosterEl Rio-Grande
CosterEl Rio-Grande
Bestergeord Rio
Simonemoff La Lima
Bestergeord Rio
Bestergeord Rio
GoldenTabs A+ New York
GoldenTabs B+ New York
GoldenTabs A- New York
GoldenTabs A+ New York
Cheestergeord Riohacha
Cheestergeord Riohacha
Cheestergeord Riohacha
XMikoDikoX Barcelona
Cubanclosedtroca Washington
Preeti Rai A+ Siliguri
anru pun AB+ siliguri
rahul kumar singh AB+ siliguri
Arijit kar AB+ Siliguri
Md nazrul ansari O- Njp
Souvik sarkar AB- Siliguri
Bikky B+ siliguri
Prashant chhetri O+ siliguri
Avinash Gupta O+ Siliguri
piyush lohia O+ siliguri
Suvhayan Das B+ Siliguri
Anand Kumar O+ Siliguri
Kallol Basak O- Siliguri
ALOKE ROY AB+ siliguri
Nandan Pradhan B+ Kurseong
Bhagaban Roy A+ Siliguri
Dii Bdr PradhanPradhan A+ Nakshal Bari
Madan Das O+ Alipurduar
Amit rai A+ Siliguri
dipankar B+ siliguri
Sandeep AB- ww
Rupesh Chettri A+ siliguri

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